Trinity strives to make its products and services accessible for all users, including people with disabilities. Trinity has been working to make its web content accessible to as broad a user base as possible. This web site,, complies with best practices and standards as defined by Section 508 of the U.S Rehabilitation Act and the web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI). We also earned Non-visual Accessibility (NVA) certification from The National Federation of the blind (NFB), the largest consumer organization of the visually impaired in the United States.

Our current accessibility features include:
  • Alternative text detail for appropriate images and other non-text elements.
  • Title attributes for additional information about links and indication of new browser windows.
  • Structural markup to indicate headings and lists to aid in page comprehension.
  • Association of forms with labels.
  • Association of all data cells in a data table with their headers.
  • JavaScript and style sheets to enhance the appearance and functionality of the site.
  • We value your opinions. If you have comments or questions, you can send them directly to:
Trinity Human Resources

2525 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207