Construction Products Group

Trinity’s Construction Products Group includes companies that provide products and services for the transportation and construction industries, ranging from highway guardrail and crash cushions to aggregates, trench shoring equipment, and galvanizing services.

Trinity Highway Products, LLC is a leading U.S. manufacturer of highway guardrail and crash cushions. Its product lines feature multiple proprietary products including end terminals, crash cushions, and a cable barrier guardrail system. Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of crash cushions as well as truck-mounted attenuators, flexible post delineators, and other related transportation products.

Trinity Logistics Group, Inc., a leading...

Trinity Materials, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of aggregates, owns surface-mining operations in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana that produce sand, gravel, and limestone base.

Trinity Shoring Products, Inc. provides trench shoring equipment for the construction industry.

U.S. Galvanizing, LLC provides corrosion protection services in the form of zinc coatings for external steel fabricators and Trinity businesses.