Energy Equipment Group

Trinity’s Energy Equipment Group includes companies that manufacture a variety of infrastructure-related products.

Trinity Containers, LLC is a leading manufacturer in North America of pressurized and non-pressurized tank containers. Trinity’s containers store a wide variety of products including propane, anhydrous ammonia, and liquids associated with oil and gas exploration and production. During 2012, Trinity converted a newly acquired facility to manufacture large containers used to store materials related to North America’s energy renaissance.

Trinity Structural Towers, Inc. (TSTI) is a leading manufacturer of structural wind towers in North America. TSTI partners with Trinity’s trucking company to provide logistical support and transportation services that facilitate the delivery of structural wind towers to wind farms.

Trinity Heads, Inc. produces tank heads for a variety of containers and railcars.

Trinity Industries de Mexico, under the brand name TATSA, is a leading tank containers manufacturer in Mexico. Trinity Industries de Mexico also produces a variety of other steel products for Trinity businesses and external customers.