Inland Barge Group

Trinity’s Inland Barge Group consists of Trinity Marine Products, Inc. (TMP) and Nabrico®. TMP is a leading U.S. manufacturer of barges used to transport dry and liquid cargo on U.S. inland waterways. TMP manufactures tank barges that carry petroleum, fertilizer, ethanol, chemicals, and other liquid cargos, many of which are commodities experiencing increased movement due to North America’s energy renaissance.

TMP also manufactures dry cargo barges, including flat-deck and hopper barges that transport a variety of products, including grain, coal, and aggregates. TMP is the largest U.S. manufacturer of fiberglass hopper barge covers, used primarily on grain barges. Under the brand name Nabrico®, TMP provides a full line of deck hardware to the marine industry, including hatches, castings, and winches for towboats and dock facilities.