Railcar Leasing & Management Services Group

Trinity’s Railcar Leasing and Management Services Group provides railcar leasing and service options that allow customers to focus on their core businesses. It is comprised primarily of Trinity Industries Leasing Company (TILC), a leading provider in North America of comprehensive rail industry services including railcar leasing, management, and administration. TILC offers a variety of railcar leasing alternatives, including full service, net, and per diem leases on either new Trinity-manufactured railcars or railcars from TILC’s lease fleet. TILC also offers management and administrative services, including regulatory compliance, rail fleet optimization, asset and inventory management, and railcar maintenance and repair.

Sales and marketing activities for all of Trinity’s railcar manufacturing and leasing businesses are coordinated under our trade name, TrinityRail, providing a single point of contact for customers seeking rail equipment and services.